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FloMix In-Line Enhanced Sludge Dewatering

FloQuip are continuously developing new systems, products and techniques to fulfil our policy to offer the customer the lowest cost of treatment.

Polymer consumption is partly determined by how efficiently the polymer solution is mixed into the sludge. Full contact of the sludge particles with the molecular chain is essential. The FloMix In-Line Enhanced Mixing Unit provides efficient/effective mixing of polymer solution with the sludge.

The improved mixing can result in higher discharge cake solids and/or reduced polymer consumption. The unit is also extremely efficient when using ultra high molecular weight polymers as these products have also shown a polymer reduction in dewatering applications when efficiently mixed with the sludge.

All contact parts are manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel and are precision engineered. The electric motor is rated at 2.2kW, 2,800rpm, IP65. A local control panel, which includes reversible, variable speed control, is available as an optional extra.

The benefits of the FloMix In-Line Enhanced Mixing Unit are:

  • Higher cake discharge solids.
  • Lower polymer consumption.
  • Higher sludge throughput.
  • Improved supernatant quality.
  • Improved control of sludge conditioning.
  • Allows ultra high molecular weight polymer products to be used efficiently to enhance process and reduce polymer consumption even further.

The FloMix In-Line Enhanced Mixing Unit can be easily retro-fitted into the following dewatering applications:

  • Centrifuge.
  • Multi Roller Filter Belt Press.
  • Plate and frame filter press.