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Emulsion Polymer Preparation Units

The FloQuip EM range of automatic emulsion polymer preparation systems offers a ‘tailor made’ solution for polymer make-up. The units have been developed to provide a reliable, robust system for the preparation and storage of emulsion polymers.

The emulsion polymer is metered via a variable speed progressive cavity pump into a moving stream of water, where it is immediately fed into a high shear mixing pump to ensure effective and efficient mixing. The emulsion solution can then be dosed directly inline to the sludge feed or transferred into a stock tank.

System Features

Emulsion Metering Pump


  • Manual speed control,
  • IP55 motor including mechanical pressure relief valve.


  • VSD (implementing PID control)
  • Temperature sensor fitted to the pump stator to detect dry running of the pump.
  • Pressure switch fitted to the pressure side of the pump to detect a blocked line or a closed valve.
  • Neat product flow switch. Provided for additional protection against dry running and closed valves.

Potable Water Flow Meter

The unit has as standard a low flow cut off relay and generates a 4 –20mA signal proportional to water flow to provide solution strength calibration.

High Energy Mixing Pump

The IP55 centrifugal type pump creates the high shear conditions necessary for the successful inversion of the emulsion polymer.

Solution Storage Tank

The tank is fitted with stainless steel conductive probes for level control and all associated valves are included.

Local Control Panel

Supplied as an integral part of the equipment the control panel can be supplied as relay logic or as an extra controlled by an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC.

System Specifications

FloQuip EM15 FloQuip EM30 FloQuip EM50 FloQuip EM100 FloQuip EM200
Neat Emulsion Metering Pump 3 – 15l/hr 6 – 30l/hr 10 – 50l/hr 20 – 100l/hr 40 – 200l/hr
Motor Size 0.37kW 0.37kW 0.37kW 0.37kW 0.55kW
Mixing Pump 0.37kW 0.37kW 0.55kW 1.1kW 1.1kW
Concentrate Storage Tank 100 litres 200 litres IBC 1000litre IBC 1000litre IBC 1000litre
Solution Storage Tank 500 litres 1,000 litres 2,000 litres 3,000 litres 5,000 litres
Level Control Type Analogue Analogue Analogue Analogue Analogue
Instantaneous Water Requirement 1,500l/hr 3,000l/hr 6,000l/hr 10,000l/hr 20,000l/hr
Minimum Water Pressure 2barg 2barg 2barg 2barg 2barg
Power Supply 400v/3Ø/50Hz 400v/3Ø/50Hz 400v/3Ø/50Hz 400v/3Ø/50Hz 400v/3Ø/50Hz