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Who we are

FloQuip is the Engineering Division of SNF (UK) Limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of synthetic flocculants and coagulants used in water and wastewater treatment.

SNF (UK) Ltd. is part the SNF Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of organic coagulants and synthetic flocculants. In addition to the UK operation, SNF s.a.s has production operations in 23 countries worldwide plus subsidiary and joint ventures in 30 countries, making it a truly global operation with in-depth technical expertise and product innovation.

A leader in manufacturing and processing water-soluble polymers, SNF has developed a range of more than 1000 products that help to preserve our natural resources, encourage recycling and improve efficiencies of industrial processes.

Our polymers have several complementary functionalities: flocculation – which enables solids to be separated from liquids, viscosification and friction reduction.Our products are used in all the fields in which water is present: drinking water production, wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, oil and gas extraction, mining, agriculture.

Our range of FloQuip equipment complements our diverse polymer and speciality chemical portfolio.